Mitt the Madcap Bully

The story about Mitt Romney being a bully — or engaging in hazing activity — brings up a serious issue (besides whether the Obama campaign will ever discuss “the issues” — as opposed to continuing their “Slander of the Week” strategy as a diversion from the country’s real problems).

The issue is this: whether the press actually believes what they report.

Here’s where I’m going with this: If Mitt Romney exhibited cruelty toward a classmate 47 years ago, the press is implying that he may still be the same guy today (not to realize the game they’re playing by asking this question is to reveal one’s self to be the lawful prey of propagandists).

Presumably those pushing this story must either think he still is a bully (silly on its face) — and that unlike themselves, they think Mitt has engaged in no introspection, maturation, or other indicator of growth as a human being over the last 47 years — or else they they know it’s BS, and are, again, slandering him.

But there’s a way to test whether the press and the left (but I repeat myself) really believes what they say:

The next time Mitt Romney is speaking at a conference, let’s see how the MSM reporters behave. Let’s see if they check each others’ backs for signs Mitt Romney may have placed signs there reading, “KICK ME!”

Let’s see if they go to the men’s room together in teams of two (even the males) in case a rascally Mitt Romney may be in there — waiting — for the opportunity otherwise to give some lone journalist a “swirlie.”

Let’s see if they ever turn their backs on Mitt.

After all, he might give them a wedgie.

via Doug Buck.


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