Romney takes Florida

I’ve been dumping on Newt, and tonight it looks as if the voters in Florida’s GOP primary are dumping on him tonight, too.

I’ll admit: Who has said the most things over the years that have made me want to stand up and cheer (among the current candidates) as a conservative? Newt. Well, why am I dumping on him then?

For the same reason I would have dumped on those who were trying to undermine George Washington after he was driven out of New York and after he had his butt kicked at Brandywine and Germantown. Sure he had crossed the Delaware in a daring raid on Trenton, but what had he done for us lately? Philadelphia had fallen. Meanwhile, Gates had kicked Burgoyne’s butt at Saratoga.

But all of the men who were trying to trying to undermine GW were relatively unstable compared to GW himself, as events were to make plain in due course. But at the time, those looking for fireworks and immediate success may have been tempted to back Gates.

Romney has said some puzzling things, and some disturbing things. And he may be no George Washington. But he seems to me to be the more steady hand on the tiller. And there are more things in life than ideological purity. Like steadiness of the hand on the tiller.


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Michigan Lawyer, age 53.
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