I want to say something about Tim Tebow, and I was ready to write this before I knew he would win tonight.

Whether anyone agrees or disagrees with his public displays of religiosity, he practiced what he preached on October 30, 2011 after the Lions’ Stephen Tulloch sacked him and then immediately mocked his “Tebowing” gesture.

Tebow at this point could have resorted to anger or bitterness, as most modern public figures—sophisticated egotists and ironists that they are—would do. As most of us would do, probably, being too hip ourselves to imitate Jesus. Instead, what Tebow actually said was, “He was probably just having fun and was excited he made a good play and had a sack. And good for him.”

We’re all used to media portrayals of phony Christians. When a prominent public figure is caught in some humiliating moral failure (and usually that person has run out of other options), we often hear about a religious conversion that we then—reasonably—suspect as being too convenient to have been sincere.

And Tebow himself has arguably complicated matters (See, e.g., Matthew 6:6) with his public displays. But when a man has a choice between vindictiveness and magnanimity, and chooses the latter on religious grounds, I have to give him credit for religious sincerity.


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Michigan Lawyer, age 53.
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