Osama, Obama, and Trust

Barack Obama manifestly was born in Hawaii in 1961.

After all, the birth announcement was published contemporaneously in two newspapers.

So why did so many people come to believe that he wasn’t born in the United States? And what does this have to do with the killing of Osama bin Laden?

I’ll tell you. First of all: Obama had no reason to withhold his long form birth certificate for so long. While I, and many others like me, concluded early that he was born in Hawaii, there still remained the question, “Why?” — Why did he fail to disclose this document earlier?

I personally decided that he came to the Machiavellian conclusion that the more he stonewalled on the birth certificate issue, the more his enemies looked foolish. And to give Obama his due, he was right. They did look foolish. Just imagine for a moment that you’re Jerome Corsi, whose book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” was slated to come out May 17. Even apart from the bad timing, how could one look more foolish? The Long form birth certificate was released a couple of weeks ago.

So Obama is oh so clever. He’s so much more clever than his Neanderthal critics.

But what happens when Obama’s more astute critics see all of the strings in this puppet show? And what happens when the rest of the public starts to catch wind of the same thing?

Cut to the Osama bin Laden “hit” that Obama ordered this past week (which I agree with, by the way). Obama is then faced with the decision whether to release photos of Osama bin Laden — presumably with an entry wound above Osama’s left eye — and with some sort of gruesome exit wound either on the same side of the head or the opposite side, with brain matter sprayed and/or oozing out of the said wound as the case may be.

He’s thinking, “If I release these photos, it will inflame all those nice Muslims I’m trying so hard to court.”

But here’s where he’s caught in his own net: Since he refused to release his own long-form birth certificate until the last possible minute (and he’s never yet released his school records), why would he now be surprised that certain segments of the population remain stubbornly skeptical about whether he’s being straight with them about this issue as well?

OK, I’ll give Obama some “points” for the fact that the Osama hit wasn’t an “October Surprise” splashed across out headlines in October 2012 just in time for the election (although I myself don’t think it’s conceivable that SEALs could be kept on ice indefinitely awaiting a politically-timed decision to act). And I believe bin Laden is dead, more or less along the lines the administration has outlined.

But for crying out loud, if you’re going to make the decision not to be honest, but instead to say whatever it takes to make you look good — and to make your enemies look as foolish as possible — then I’d say you should have known that it was foreseeable that no one would trust you when you need them to.

Thus I conclude that Obama needs to release the photographs and whatever other material he has proving that Osama bin Laden is indeed actually dead.

But he shouldn’t have had to do so. The only reason he actually needs to do so now is that no one trusts him.


About DougBuck

Michigan Lawyer, age 53.
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2 Responses to Osama, Obama, and Trust

  1. crapkiller says:

    Apparently you were duped by the fake and forged long form birth certificate released by The White House. It was computer generated. And you are a lawyer? Perhaps you have done further research on this question of long form birth certificates. All you have to do is examine previous numbers and later numbers and compare them with Obama’s and you will see that you are dealing with a fraud as soon as you look at Obama’s closely.
    Of course, no one in their right mind trusts this man. We only wait to get him out of office so he can be prosecuted for this fraud.

    • dougbuck says:

      Not so much duped by the long form BC as that I just looked past it. I think Obama was born in Hawaii because there were two notices in the local newspapers announcing his birth. Who fakes something like that, looking 47 years ahead? But as for the birth certificates: I remain agnostic. Who knows what’s going on here? Is Frank Marshall Davis his real father? Did his maternal grandfather pull off this or something else? I don’t know. But whatever happened, I’m not going to believe anything too outlandish without proof.

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